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Young Driver and Passenger Course

75% of all deaths involving 16-19 year olds occur on the roads

The Young Driver & Passenger Course is offered to Year 12 and Year 13 students across the county.

The sessions are designed to influence the attitudes and behaviours of both young drivers and passengers who are currently over-represented in crash statistics.

The course consists of four virtual sessions plus a live Q&A Presentation session.

Virtual Sessions 1-4:

Driving and Seeing – We provide students with understanding as to crash causation, explore hazard perception, limitations to our vision and how this can impact on our judgement.

Impairment – We look at alcohol, drugs, mobiles and fatigue can affect driver awareness and the affect/consequences of driving.

Speed and Force – How does speed relate to stopping distance.  We look at the limitations of grip, road surface and how these change with the elements.  The students review seatbelt rules in their car.

Impulse and Control – We examine the main factor (human error) in the cause of crashes and how emotions impact on impulse and behaviours when we drive.  We study crash scenarios and discuss how the emotional state of the driver has influenced the decision making.

Each class  will be expected to participate in discussions and complete a work book and course evaluations to support their learning journey.

Live Q&A Session five – One of the Safer Road User Team officers attends the school for this Question and Answer Session. This session consolidates the learning gained during the virtual sessions, allowing students to obtain answers to queries that arise during sessions 1-4.

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To book a course for your school contact: [email protected]

All young drivers and passengers can keep up to date by accessing the latest Young Driver Guide

Note for Parents

You can find out more about this course and how to support your young driver in this video:

You can view the Parent Guide at your leisure, for hints and tips on how to help your Young Driver.

Key statistics

Of car drivers are aged 16-19.

Nearly 30% of crashes on Kent's roads involve drivers aged 16-19.

of deaths within this age group happen on the roads.