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Young Driver Courses

75% of all accidental deaths involving 16-19 year olds occur on the roads

Young Driver Courses are currently delivered to Year 12 and Year 13 students across the county.

The course, which consists of four 1 hour sessions, is designed to influence the attitudes and behaviours of young drivers and passengers as the 16-19 age group are over represented in crash statistics.

The four sessions are classroom based although are as interactive as possible to engage with students. Sessions cover benefits and disbenefits of driving, peer pressure, impairment (which includes mobile phones, drink, drugs and fatigue), speed (including reaction testing and stopping distances). The course looks at crash causation and introduces strategies to reduce the risk of being involved in one.

The optimum number in a group is 25 which encourages active discussion and participation. In 2018 the young driver course is being reviewed and a pre and post course workbook is in development to support learning.

Key statistics

Of car drivers are aged 16-19.

Nearly 30% of crashes on Kent's roads involve drivers aged 16-19.

of accidental deaths within this age group happen on the roads.