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Young Cyclists - Bikeability

Cycling is becoming more and more popular with both young and older children.

Whether for school or pleasure travelling on two wheels has many benefits. It keeps you fit and healthy, is good for the environment and of course is fun.

Kent Road Safety support young cyclist training and safety courses, particularly Bikeability.

Bikeability Training for Young Cyclists

Bikeability is a government recognised cycling course. Available to children from the age of 8, Bikeability is the ‘Cycling Proficiency’ for the 21st Century. Bikeability gives children the skills and confidence to ride on today’s busy roads.

How do I sign my child up for Bikeability?

This can be provided through your child’s school. In the first instance you should contact your child’s school to find out if and when the next course is being offered.

Bikeability consists of 3 levels. Level 1 and Level 2 are targeted at Primary schools. Once children have reached Level 2 standard they can start to make short journey`s on the road which can be ideal for short journeys to school.

Visit the Bikeability website for more information.