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Theatre in Education
Secondary Schools

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Engaging the minds of young drivers & road users

Theatre in Education (TIE) has a constantly evolving definition, as new strategies and objectives for using theatre as an educational tool emerge.

Most define TIE as a general term that includes all the interactive theatre practices that help aid the educational process. Some of these processes include developing original scripts, using the performance of a play as a springboard for interacting with an audience and discussing important or sensitive topics or themes in a safe and supported environment.

We are excited to introduce this year’s performance ‘The Passenger’. A production which conveys important messages to young car occupants, with a thought provoking and serious edge to their script.   Booking is now open for years 11 and 12 for the September 2020 tour.  

 Following our previous tour Streetwise tour provided in 2019, we will again provide TIE to year 7 pupils.  We will announce the new Year 7 launch in Spring 2020!

Key statistics


26 schools saw our teenage pedestrian delivered to Year 7 TIE in March 2018.

said the project made them think about the dangers of poor road safety.

of students enjoyed the presentation.