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Theatre in Education-Primary Schools

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These Theatre in Education (TIE) performances aim to aid the educational process, influencing young minds through the power of entertainment.

The Kent Road Safety team offer a variety of Theatre in Education performances to different age groups.

Performances include road safety educational messages delivered in a variety of ways. These include: circus skills, magic shows, humour with younger children and an interactive crime scene drama approach with older primary children.

In the autumn, as the days shorten, schools can enjoy a ‘B-Viz’ performance and are encouraged to take part in a ‘Be Bright, Be seen’ non-uniform day in their schools. For those children moving from primary to secondary school, there is ‘Streetwise’ which outlines the dangers for young children making their first solo journeys on unfamiliar routes and offers a variety of coping strategies to deal with those challenges.

Getting There

In November and December 2020, Box Clever Theatre toured their production of ‘Getting There’ to 21 schools in Kent giving 23 performances to a total audience number of 2,690 pupils in Years 6 & 7.



“It was a really good way to show the dangers of the road. I loved it very much and it taught me a lot about road safety.” Year 7, Gravesend Grammar School






This transition play focuses on the benefits of walking
and cycling to school. Students follow the story of a boy who
wants to be independent and travel to and from secondary
school on his own.



“I really enjoyed the play and it really taught me more and better ways to be safe while crossing the road.” Year 7, Oakwood Park Grammar School






‘Getting There’ is a highly entertaining play delivered with enthusiasm, energy and music which focuses on encouraging young people to take responsibility for their personal safety on their way to school. Whether they travel on foot, by bicycle or using public transport, this performance allows them to empathise with recognisable characters and to become fully engaged in the action.



“(I will now) try to find a traffic light so I can cross carefully. Avoid getting distracted by my friends. Also, I would look left and right.”






“(I will now) always take off headphones and look up from phones when about to cross, and to always make sure that we look both ways for when any electric cars come because they’re a lot quieter than most other cars.”


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Key statistics

In our post evaluation 100% of primary children knew to look right first after seeing Road Safety Magic Show in 2017.