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Teddy Takes a Tumble

Teaching the importance of car safety to young road users

Teddy Takes a Tumble is a national resource aimed at young road users up to 7 years of age. During the session, children are taught the basics of how to stay safe when travelling in a vehicle.

Using a colourful Storysack, children are told the story of Billy and his favourite Teddy in the back seat of his mother’s car. The 20-minute interactive session introduces the characters of Teddy, his owner and friend Billy and the cat.

Billy is properly restrained but he forgets to belt Teddy in his safety seat. When the car brakes suddenly, Teddy is thrown into the windscreen. The story highlights the importance of wearing a seat belt at all times.

At the end of the session, children are given a colouring sheet to remind them of the story.

‘Teddy Takes a Tumble’ in Kent’s Primary Schools

Teddy Takes a Tumble is a tale that young children identify with, therefore encouraging them to wear their seat belt at all times.

Our Teddy Takes a Tumble workshops are delivered in Primary schools—usually to years 1 & 2 by one of the Road Safety Team.

Key statistics


Teddy takes a tumble was delivered to 1500 children in 2017.