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Kent is a unique and beautiful county with an extensive road network. Our campaign aims to remind drivers to stay safe whilst appreciating the scenic drives Kent has to offer.

Whether you regularly travel on out of towns roads or you only National speed limit signuse them occasionally, we want to remind you that although the national speed limit remains the legal limit on many of these roads, this isn’t a target speed.

Take your time, read the road and expect the unexpected. Out of town roads can present an array of hazards, many of us aren’t used to seeing on urban roads and motorways; a pedestrian on a narrow lane, a farm vehicle moving slowly or a car overtaking on a blind bend.

Many of us forget that we share our roads with a variety of other road users. Users such as motorcyclists, horse riders, cyclists, agricultural vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and walkers are common.

The campaign aims to increase awareness and knowledge amongst motorists, that most fatal crashes happen on out of town roads. By encouraging you, the driver, to interpret the national speed limit sign as a maximum speed, remain conscious of the numerous hazards and to adapt speed according the road conditions, we hope to be able to reduce these rural deaths and injuries significantly.

Don’t take speed to the limit. By making the right choice you reduce the risk to yourself, your passengers and other road users. When it comes to out of town roads, the danger often lies in what you can’t see.


But did you know?…

  • Nearly 2/3 of fatal crashes happen on out of town roads.
  • The definition of a crash is – you crash because you cannot stop in time. If you cannot stop in time, you’re travelling too fast for the conditions. Hence all crashes have an element of speed as a causation factor.
  • The sense that we have to travel faster to make up time is often overstated. A 10 minute journey made at 60mph will save you a little over 1½ minutes compared to if you drove at 50mph.
  • Speed limits are a legal maximum and not a target.

Speed – You’ll be surprised

As a driver you can choose the severity of the crash you may have and therefore your level of injury you cause. How? By choosing the speed at which you travel.

Most of us adopt the same mentality when it comes to driving – more speed = more time saved. This is simply not true. The sense that we have to travel faster to make up time is overstated. A 10 minute journey made at 60mph saves you, incredibly, just over 1½ minutes compared to a journey at 50mph… and what would you do with that “saved” time?

We all know that stopping distances increase dramatically with driving speed. But by doubling your speed, you significantly more than double your breaking distance. By keeping your speed lower and adapting it to the conditions on our county roads, hazards such as large vehicles, cyclists, walkers and wildlife should be safely negotiated.

Click this link to download the Highway Code stopping distances page.
Causing death by careless or inconsiderate driving, where a driver may have been driving at an inappropriate speed and below the limit, can result in:

Causing death by dangerous driving, where excessive speed may be shown as a factor, can result in:
£5000 FINE