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Safety in Action

Improving the safety of young road users

Safety in Action teaches road safety to young road users in a fun, interactive environment.

The event looks to teach year 6 pupils about the risks and dangers they may face as they begin to make the transition to secondary school.

What is Safety in Action?

This half-day experience focuses on many relevant safety topics, one being road safety as these children begin making independent journeys.

Safety in Action consists of a series of short safety scenarios, such as:

  • Road safety
  • Fire safety
  • First aid
  • Railway safety

Pupils will spend approximately ten minutes, discussing, interacting and decision making around potentially dangerous situations.

When can I attend?

Safety in Action runs in two week intervals, in this time schools can attend our half-day sessions.

Visit the Safety in Action website to get more information & find out how your school can be involved.

Key statistics


6,386 pupils attended SIA in 2017.