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Minibus Training

Minibus training courses

Our minibus training courses are for anyone who wants to drive a minibus (a vehicle containing 9-16 passenger seats).

During the course you’ll learn the key differences between driving a minibus and a car as well as the rules and regulations of minibus driving.

What’s involved in the minibus training course?

The theory session is now delivered remotely and takes no more than an hour to complete. The theory session is free of charge and can be booked by following the link at the bottom of this page.

The practical assessment and reassessment driving sessions are delivered by a qualified and experienced minibus trainer can be booked using the same link below, each of the practical sessions is deliver on  1-2-1 basis at your school or work premises and can take approximately 1 hour each. The assessment takes place in a relaxed and supportive environment where your examiner will help you to reach a safe standard of driving. During this time you will also have your driving competency assessed, any driver who has difficulty reaching this standard is offered extra training at a later date.

Those drivers who successfully complete the course receive an Approved Minibus Driver’s card and a written assessment of their drive.

The benefits of becoming a qualified minibus driver

Our data clearly shows that minibus training has had a positive impact on casualty reduction in Kent. The importance of owning this qualification cannot be underestimated as minibuses are responsible for transporting some of the most vulnerable members of our society, such children and the elderly.

How to book

Interested in gaining a minibus driver qualification?

Book onto our training course here.

Key statistics


On average we train in the order of 400 new minibus drivers each year and further 200 are re-assessed each year.