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Kent Road Safety Club

The Kent Road Safety Club aims to positively affect children’s pedestrian and cyclist behaviour, subsequently and significantly reducing child and teenage pedestrian casualties in Kent.

The Kent Road Safety Club is a pedestrian education programme designed for children between the ages of 4-11 and delivered in primary schools across Kent. Pupils are engaged through Kagan co-operative learning to understand and promote safer pedestrian behaviour. Key road safety messages are delivered each year of children’s formal primary education to act as building blocks to safer pedestrian and cyclist behaviour.

The Road Safety Club is an established and evaluated education programme which delivers effective and positive road safety objectives that engage younger pupils’ imagination and instils motivation and responsibility in older pupils.

If you want to book your school a visit from the Road Safety Club Team, please contact: [email protected]

Message for parents or carers;

The Kent Road Safety team believe that road safety education is a vital part of a child’s primary and secondary learning and we know parents want to be involved too. Children in Kent primary schools are currently learning some key messages and you can play a part by helping to deliver and reinforce roadside training every time you go out and about.

  1. Talk to your child about road safety whenever you are out and about.
  2. Encourage your child to talk to you about keeping safe near roads.
  3. Lead by example use the Kent Road Safety Code;
    • STOP before the kerb
    • LOOK and LISTEN for traffic
    • THINK about what to do
    • CROSS the road safely with an adult, looking and listening all the time

Road Safety Club Virtual Lessons:

Our virtual lessons supplement the sessions we deliver as the Road Safety Club. These reinforce the importance of the Road Safety Code whilst addressing how to stay aware and what we can use to help us stay safer near the road. If you would like to underline the importance of road safety skills with your children, then look at our online lessons below:


Reception learners can meet our friend, Kip the bear, when watching ‘Kip the Bear and the Thinking Hat’. Will they be able to help spot how Kip can use the road safety code to stay safer near the road?  What else can Kip do to stay safer when riding his scooter?

Years 1-3:

Our virtual lesson for years one-three helps prepare future road safety superheroes for staying safer near the road. Together we look at who can help us stay safer near the road; the road safety code; and how to find safer places to cross. Get your masks, capes and utility belts at the ready!

Year 4:

Our virtual lesson for year four explores what might distract pedestrians when walking on or near the road; look at our virtual journey and the choices we make and help us keep our attention on the road around us! This may also be suitable for year five learners too.

Year 6:

Supporting a year 6 learner get ready for secondary school?  Our final virtual lesson is the tool that they need. In this session, our team will help guide them through the planning process by revising the road safety code; thinking about the distractions they might face and then how to use online resources to map out their journey. How much time will they need? What safer places to cross can they use? Will they need public transport?

Click on the link below to print off the Travel Plan Pack that is referenced in the video.

Travel Plan Pack

Please remember that your child’s participation in the road safety club does not mean they’re safe to cross the road on their own. They should always be accompanied by an adult.