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Car Seat Clinics

In 2017, 80% of car seats we checked at one of our clinics were incorrectly fitted or condemned

Are you aware of the dangers of babies and children travelling in cars while inadequately restrained? With recent county figures revealing that a shocking 70% of all baby and child car seats checked across Kent are incorrectly fitted, a new awareness campaign will soon be launched to highlight the dangers and provide advice on anything which puts a child at risk while travelling in a car.

KCC’s Road Safety team run free car seat clinics to give advice and check the safety and condition of car seats, particularly in areas such as incorrectly fitted harnesses.

Sometimes a minor adjustment to the harness can mean the difference between life and death.

Apart from the checks, the team are also on hand to highlight major problems such as a car seat incompatible with the car, a damaged car seat or a wrong size seat for a child.

If you are not able to attend one of our clinics, then check out the KCC Road Safety Facebook page for more information. KCC Road Safety have created short videos showing some of the major problems found when checking child car seats. For example, do you know what Buckle Crunch is?

We recommend getting advice from retailers and vehicle manufacturer if you have concerns. Always check with the retailer that they have trained fitters available to demonstrate the seat in the car before purchasing.

Use our handy information form to fill out and take with you to your retailer when buying a new car seat.

Remember the safe restraining of children in vehicles is vital to help save lives. Failure to comply with current car seat safety laws carries up to a £500 penalty.

Having trouble finding out which car seat is right for your child, use our information sheet to help you determine which is the correct car seat.

2019 car seat clinics:

Tuesday 9 April
ASDA Greenhithe DA9 9BT 9.45 – 12.45

Tuesday 21 May
Sainsburys Northfleet DA11 8JH 9.45 – 12.45

Tuesday 25 June
Sainsburys Larkfield ME20 7NA 9.45 – 12.45

Tuesday 30 July
Sainsburys Ashford TN24 8YN 9.45 – 12.45

Tuesday 20 August
Hop Farm Paddock Wood TN12 6PY 9.45 – 12.45

Key statistics


120 car seats were checked in Kent during July and August 2017.

80% of car seats checked at one of our clinics were incorrectly fitted or condemned.