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The KCC Road Safety team use personal injury crash data collected by Kent Police through their reporting system, Stats 19, to ensure our interventions are reaching the correct target audience.

This data provides a comprehensive breakdown of the circumstances relating to each crash including location, date, time, weather, lighting conditions, speed limit, casualties, vehicles, pedestrian involvement and description of how the crash happened. Analysing accurate crash data means we can monitor emerging trends and ensures we do not make assumptions.

To obtain consistent and accurate results we need to use large enough data sets, typically three years minimum. Police officers also record up to six contributory factors for each crash which provide valuable insight into why and how the crash occurred.

Extensive research has shown that 76% of personal injury crashes are solely the result of road user behaviour and 95% can be attributed in part to human behavioural factors.


Have any questions?

Queries relating to statistics or data can be found on the website, where the data and trend update are freely available to view.