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Parents are the most important role models in young pedestrian safety

Getting young road users to think about safety can be a challenge. So how can you begin to teach your child how to act safely near roads?

Kent Road Safety have developed and work with a number of programmes that help to establish safer road behaviours amongst our younger road users.

Read our tips on how to use roads safely with children

Our programmes take place in schools across Kent and focus on children being safer road users.

Our programmes for children include:

Kent Road Safety Club

The Kent Road Safety Club aims to positively effect children’s pedestrian and cyclist behaviour, subsequently and significantly reducing child and teenage pedestrian casualties in Kent.

Find out more about the Kent Road Safety Club

Young Cyclists & Bikeability

There is always a concern for parents about the vulnerability of young cyclists travelling to school during busy periods. Kent Road Safety support young cyclist training and safety courses, particularly Bikeability.

Find out more about Bikeability

Small Steps

Small Steps aims to promote and educate young children and carers on how to be safer pedestrians.

Find out more about Small Steps

Safety in Action

Safety in Action events teach road safety to young road users in a fun, interactive environment.

Find out more about Safety in Action


Key statistics

From July 2021 to July 2022, 19% of KSI (killed or seriously injured) pedestrian casualties were under the age of 16.