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Young Drivers

Too many young drivers and passengers are at risk of dying or being seriously injured on our roads

Kent Road Safety’s goal is to educate young drivers and passengers so they become safer road users.

Our engaging road safety courses help change the behaviours of young drivers and passengers, making the roads a safer place for everyone.


Young Driver Courses

We are taking bookings for courses now for September 2020.

You will not be getting as much practical experience in the current climate, but this is a great time to learn the theory….

To encourage safer driving among young people, Kent Road Safety offer Young Driver Courses to all schools in Kent. Our courses help to build awareness and challenge young driver’s perceptions of road safety.

We currently offer schools four 1-hour sessions that target main issues surrounding young people on the roads. 

Subjects covered:

  • Driving and Seeing
  • Impairment
  • Speed and Force
  • Impulse and Control

Theatre in Education sessions

On top of our courses, Kent Road Safety also offer  Theatre in Education sessions throughout schools in Kent.

Our performances raise awareness of issues such as impairment through mobile phone use, drink and drugs, inappropriate speed and peer pressure.

As well as topics targeting young drivers, we also educate young passengers about ways to speak out if they feel unsafe.

Check out our recent ‘Speak Out’ campaign here.

Key statistics


171 car occupants aged 16 - 24 have been killed or seriously on Kent's roads (excluding Medway) in the last three years.

The 17-24 year old age group represent 30% of all car occupant casualties on Kent roads.

Following Speak Out campaign 83% of young car occupants could recall at least one coping strategy which could remove them from a dangerous situation.