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Young Driver and Passenger Course

Too many young drivers and passengers are at risk of dying or being seriously injured on our roads. If you feel unsafe as a driver or passenger in a car, don’t be afraid to ‘speak out’:  it could save your life or your mates’ lives too.

Our goal is to educate young drivers and passengers so that they become safer road users. To do this, our team offer virtual Young Driver and passenger Courses to all schools in Kent. Designed with Years 12 and 13 in mind, our sessions build awareness and challenge young driver’s perceptions of road safety.

What we offer:

The Young Driver and Passenger virtual programme provides participant schools with:

  • Four virtual sessions, each of which are around 30 minutes.
  • The flexibility to access the programme with 1 or 2 sessions a week or all the sessions as a drop-down day.
  • Our Young Driver & Passenger  workbook.
  • Our Young Driver & Passenger answer book to help you guide and support your learners.
  • Quick knowledge checks and reflection challenges to help your learners consider how to best put their learning into practice.

Take a closer look at our session breakdown Young Driver and Passenger Course (click here) 

The KCC Road safety team are offering this free virtual  4-part Young Driver and Passenger  Course to all Kent Schools.

The course specifically supports young people to understand the key skills required for driving, but it has been written to compliment the Speak Out campaign, designed to empower those young people as passengers too.

Our engaging road safety courses help change the behaviours of young drivers and passengers, making the roads a safer place for everyone.

What does the Young Driver and Passenger programme need from your school?

  • We just need to schedule links with you and seek completion of pre & post surveys.

For information on booking our virtual Young Driver and Passenger  course contact:


Speak out

Spot the Speak Out Signs – Is your driver…

  • Breaking the speed limit?
  • Harshly braking or accelerating?
  • Cornering too quickly?
  • Reacting late to signals or other road users?
  • Missing hazards?
  • Driving aggressively?
  • Racing other cars?
  • Overtaking dangerously?
  • Using their phone?
  • Under the influence of drink or drugs?
  • Not wearing a seatbelt?
As well as topics targeting young drivers, we also educate young passengers about ways to speak out if they feel unsafe.
Check out our recent ‘Speak Out’ campaign here.

Key statistics


221 car occupants aged 16 - 24 have been killed or seriously injured on Kent's roads (excluding Medway) in the last three years. (2019-2021)

The 17-24 year old age group represent 20% of all car occupant casualties on Kent roads (and 22% of all KSI car occupant casualties

Following Speak Out campaign 83% of young car occupants could recall at least one coping strategy which could remove them from a dangerous situation.