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In Vehicle Safety

Kent Road Safety are here to help to protect the safety of passengers in all age brackets

Whilst not all in-car casualties are caused through a failure to wear a seat belt or use the appropriate child car restraint, the seat belt remains a key safety feature inside every vehicle. Seat belts save lives and contribute to making crashes survivable.The choice to wear a seatbelt is made at the start of each journey.

Setting a good habit in childhood contributes to encouraging sensible behaviour throughout an individual’s life and the power of parent action to influence the choices of their children cannot be underestimated, both in their immediate and future chosen behaviour.

Our passenger safety programmes:

Car Seat Clinics

At one of our Car Seat Clinics, Kent Road Safety found that nearly 80% of the car seats checked were incorrectly fitted or condemned.

To improve the safety of our youngest passengers, our objectives are to:

Educate drivers

To educate drivers who carry a young passenger the importance of a correctly fitting child car seat.


By delivering 8 Car Seat clinics across the county. This will have an approximate reach to 250 parents and guardians.

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Teddy Takes a Tumble

The Teddy Takes a Tumble scheme is provided to schools across Kent.

This interactive session targets Kent’s youngest road users, reception classes and year 1 students, and encourages the constant use of appropriate child restraints in cars.

Setting a good habit in childhood contributes to encouraging sensible behaviour throughout an individual’s life.

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When Will it Click?

The choice to wear a seat belt is simple.

Putting your seat belt on may seem like a no brainer, yet it is estimated that around 20% of drivers and 26% of passengers do not wear their seat belt on some journeys.

Every time you choose not to wear a seat belt, you are taking a huge, potentially life changing risk.

At the start of each journey it is a simply ‘plug in and forget’ action. However, it’s clear that many drivers still do not take this simple life-saving action.

Find out more about the ‘When Will It Click?’ Campaign

When will it click? Seatbelts. Save lives.

Key statistics

Replace with on average 76% of car seats check in Kent were incorrectly fitted or condemned.

It is estimated that 74% of passengers do wear their seat belt.