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Whilst the temptation to wheel out the bike and take to the road is great, especially considering the fine weather we are experiencing at the moment, please take time to consider the implications:

  • Going for a motorcycle ride is not essential use
  • Riding in groups does not reflect a responsible approach to the current situation and will only enforce the negative image of bikers that non bikers hold
  • At some point you will have to stop and if you are in a group you will no longer be social distancing
  • You are putting yourself and others at risk. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash the extra unnecessary burden you will put on the already over stretched NHS staff will be YOUR FAULT because your ride was not essential



Motorcyclists represent 1% of Kent’s traffic, yet they are involved in around 25% of all fatal casualties

Kent County Council continues its commitment to reducing the number of killed and seriously injured (KSIs) on Kent’s roads.

Under 125cc Motorcycles

Most mopeds and motorcycles under 125cc tend to be used in the urban areas. You may be surprised to know that it is in this environment where almost 75% of all crashes occur.  A high proportion of these motorcycle crashes involve riders aged between 16 and 21.

Whilst there is a level of Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) that has to be completed before they can ride, riders are, in the main, inexperienced and vulnerable.

Why are so many young motorcyclists at risk?

The main causes of crashes involving mopeds and motorcycle under 125cc are:

  • Failure to look properly
  • Inexperience
  • Failure to judge other road user actions
  • Exceeding speed limits
  • Poor weather conditions

What are Kent Road Safety doing to change this?

Kent Road Safety encourage all motorcyclists to wear appropriate, protective clothing and to take extra care near junctions and whilst filtering to avoid any conflicts.

It is our aim to contribute to a reduction in casualties amongst moped and under 125cc riders, by increasing awareness of their vulnerability and increasing their knowledge of how to protect themselves when using their bikes.

Over 125cc Motorcycles

Motorcyclists are over represented in the killed or seriously injured stats year on year in Kent. Motorcyclists account for just 1% of traffic in Kent, yet they represent a staggering 25% of all fatal casualties. This makes them one of our most vulnerable groups of road users in Kent.

Did you know?

  • In urban areas the greatest risk to motorcyclists are other road users
  • In rural areas the majority of serious crashes involve single motorcyclists losing control e.g. on left hand bends

Whilst motorcyclists are at risk from the actions of other drives, a significant proportion are single vehicle crashes, due to lack of control. We therefore have a dedicated motorcyclist website, where bikers can find information on all aspects of training, suitable clothing and equipment, events and tips for safe riding.

Kent Bikers

The Kent Bikers website was built to serve the biking community as a valuable meeting point where bikers can interact with each other, learn and take away interesting bike and safety information.

1 in 3

Motorcyclist casualties happen on 500cc bikes or above.

Find out more about the Kent Bikers campaign here


Between 2013 - 2016, there were 1,840 motorcycle collisions on Kent's roads

Of motorcyclists that were killed or seriously injured between 2014-2016 were male. This number peaked at the age of 21.


Were killed as a result of these crashes

Of moped casualties involved motorcyclists aged 16-21