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Mature Drivers

There is an emerging trend in road casualties involving people aged 65 and over.

In response to an ever ageing population, resulting in an emerging trend for casualties aged 65 and over, the team have developed a road safety seminar.

Road Safety Seminars for Mature Drivers

The seminar covers general road safety advice, including motorway driving, motorway breakdowns, Smart motorways, and eco driving, as well as topics specific to this age group, such as decline in peripheral vision, reduced mobility and impairment through prescribed drugs.

To obtain more qualitative data, focus groups for road users aged 65+ were held in April 2017. Although there are some additional issues as we age, many drivers in this age group recognise these changes and self -regulate by avoiding certain driving situations, such as driving at night, during rush hour or on certain types of road.

Whilst many older drivers continue to drive safety and confidently for many years, some mature drivers gradually reduce the amount of driving they do and look at alternative means of transport.

Drivers may want to take a driving assessment to update their skills and give themselves more confidence. Details of the assessment, alongside lots of other useful information, can be found on the ROSPA older drivers’ website, or more local is South East DriveAbility

Contact us to find out when and where  the next Mature Drivers Conference will be held (nothing arranged at the moment due to Covid-19)

RoSPA Experienced Driver Assessments

RoSPA offer an Experienced Driver Assessment that many older drivers take to update their skills and improve their confidence on the roads. Details of this assessment, alongside lots of other useful information, can be found on the RoSPA Older Drivers website.

Smiling mature woman sitting in new car at driver seat

Key statistics

Over half of all collisions involving a 65+ year old car driver, where failing to properly look or judge other road user’s behaviour was a contributory factor .