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Home to the EuroTunnel and The Port of Dover, Kent sees high numbers of foreign vehicles travel through the county every day

Kent is home to The Port of Dover, which is the busiest ferry port in Europe and The EuroTunnel, which means that high numbers of foreign vehicles, both tourist and commercial, travel through the county every day.

The interaction between UK and non-UK drivers on the roads can lead to misunderstanding, confusion and ultimately crashes.

Our approach to supporting safe travel through the county needs to be two pronged. Information for non – UK drivers is provided though our foreign driver leaflets, which highlight the differences when driving in Britain, such as signage and making turns. Two versions of these leaflets are available for both commercial and tourist drivers and they are currently available in nine languages.

UK drivers should also demonstrate awareness and appreciate some of the challenges that non – UK drivers face that could lead to danger, such as blind spots on the off side.


Tourist driver french brochure