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Pedestrians & Cyclists


We all have a role to play when it comes to pedestrian road safety.

Although our road safety work is primarily aimed at child pedestrians, due to the higher numbers of casualties.

It’s important that adult pedestrians are good role models and set the right example to younger road users. Make sure you put away distractions, such as mobile phones, music and headphones before you start to cross the road and always cross at a suitable pedestrian crossing where possible.
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Kent Road Safety Club

The Kent Road Safety Club aims to positively effect children’s pedestrian and cyclist behaviour, subsequently and significantly reducing child and teenage pedestrian casualties in Kent.

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Cycling is getting more and more popular with both young and old. Whether you are cycling for sport, pleasure or as a simple and cheap form of commuting, cycling has many benefits to both the rider and the environment.

It keeps you fit and healthy, it’s environmentally friendly and can be fun, especially in the company of your family and friends.

See below for details of adult cycle training offered by KCC.

Cycle safely on Kent’s Roads

We always recommend wearing a cycle helmet and suitable high visibility clothing when cycling on or off road.

There are several organisations offering adult cycle training across the county for both male and female cyclist alike, consider the courses offered by the ‘This Girl Can’ programme, ‘Kent Cycle Training‘ and ‘Bike right’

Bikeability Training for Young Cyclists

Bikeability is a government recognised cycling course. Available to children from the age of 8, Bikeability is the ‘Cycling Proficiency’ for the 21st Century. Bikeability gives children the skills and confidence to ride on today’s busy roads.

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Young Cyclist Bikeability Programme - KCC Kent Road Safety

Key statistics


In a 3 year period (2014 to 2016) there were 966 pedestrian casualties aged 25+. 225 of these were killed or seriously injured.

85% of these were male.


In 2016, 97 cyclists were killed or seriously injured on Kent roads.