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Research and Evaluation


Alongside using personal injury crash data, KCC conduct a road safety annual survey in December each year to assess road users perceptions and attitudes to road safety and their awareness of our advertising campaigns. This enables us to make year on year comparisons, measure the effectiveness of our campaigns and evolve our work going forwards.

We are constantly researching good road safety practice and effective road safety interventions being delivered by other organisations such as Road Safety Great Britain, Department for Transport, THINK! road safety, Transport for London, Road Safety Analysis and other local authorities.


Each campaign is also evaluated using a pre and post report, to measure attitudes, knowledge and recall, and to provide the rate of return on the resources invested.

We also ensure that evaluation is built into any new educational programme we deliver. We have successfully used pre and post evaluation, using control groups where possible for comparison. To obtain more in depth qualitative data we work with small focus groups.