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Information for Stakeholders

Our Education activity forms one of what are the 3Es – Education, Enforcement, Engineering.

We seek to work with partners as the most effective casualty reduction outcomes are when at least 2 of the 3Es combine.

We possess a range of skills and experiences for developing and delivering behaviour change interventions, communicating with road users, researching and evaluating learning outcomes and collecting and analysing intelligence. We recognise the wealth of experience and expertise amongst our key partners for dealing with the scene of a road crash, liaising with victims and their families and enforcing traffic law.

There is huge benefit in bringing together all facets of identifying and delivering key public safety messages so we formally work in partnership with Kent Police and Kent Fire and Rescue as well as Medway Council and Highways England in the Kent & Medway Casualty Reduction Partnership. This is our mechanism for collaboration and coordination with the added value of providing consistent information and advice to people travelling in Kent.

Internally we work with our safety engineering colleagues to enable KCC to bring together 2 of the 3Es (Education and Engineering). This work included our data analysis to help target safety engineering work at crash hot-spots and to support location based casualty reduction measures.

Beyond the formal partnering, we recognise the benefit of working with all stakeholders in what are effectively informal partnerships including the public, road users groups, schools, parents and employers. Our approach is to engage in dialogue and discussion to encourage behaviour change, rather than to be dogmatic and directing in our tone, so considering stakeholders as partners helps foster this approach.

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Safety in Action

13th July 2017

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