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Information for Schools

Junior Road Safety Officer campaign, 2017

Road Safety in Primary Schools

It is never too early to get young children thinking about Road Safety.

Every year children are hurt on our roads so whether they are walking or cycling to school it is important that we give them the necessary foundation blocks for them to build on to help them become a safer road user.

All schools are offered the chance to register for the Junior Road Safety Officer scheme where the appointed Junior Road Safety Officers highlight local Road Safety issues  and raise awareness among the pupils and teachers. For years 1 and 2 we offer the chance to have Teddy Takes a Tumble talks which is a resource offered to years 1 and 2 where the children are taught, through the use of a Story Sack, why they should be in the correct car seat and should be wearing a seatbelt when travelling in a vehicle.

Road Safety in Secondary Schools

The transition between primary and secondary school can be a particularly risky time and this age group show a marked spike in pedestrian casualties.

This could be as a result of making their first solo pedestrian journeys on an unfamiliar route, peer pressure, increasing use of electronic distractions or developmental issues and an increasing pre disposition to risk taking in this age group.

Currently the team are developing a young adolescent pedestrian campaign and in addition to this, in the short term, a programme of Theatre in Education is available which addresses these issues. In the longer term these will be addressed through the new Youth Travel Ambassador scheme and future aspirations may include the development of a young adolescent pedestrian course modelled on the young driver course.


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