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All drivers, regardless of age are generally susceptible to the same crash causation factors such as speed, impairment and distractions.

However, the critical factor in determining the severity of most crashes is the speed of the vehicles involved and much of the casualty reduction work with all drivers is based around promoting the need to drive at an appropriate speed for the current level of risk and the prevailing conditions. There is also a need to remind drivers that a car should not be seen as an extension to either the office or home environment.

Over familiarity with driving and road conditions can lead to an underestimation of prevailing risk – which in turn leads to more risky behaviour, like drink driving and using mobile devices whilst driving. Drivers also have a crucial role in ensuring vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders are not placed in danger.

The choices that vehicle drivers make ultimately control the safety of all other road users and drivers have it in their power to ensure the roads are used safely.

A great habit to get into for all drivers to use when exiting the vehicle is ‘The Dutch Reach’. Rather than using the hand closest to the door, you would reach across and open the door with hand that is furthest away. This naturally turns your body helping you to see any oncoming cyclists or pedestrians that you may have missed in the mirror.

For more information Cycling UK have some excellent advice around this. 

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